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People’s reaction to Jumping Food Prices in China

More and more Chinese people are aware of the rising food prices since last year’s pork price had hit a record high in many cities in China. After one year’s of waiting, the pork price remains high at 18 yuan half kilogram (Shanghai) and most foods are more expensive than ever before.

“I am disappointed of rising food prices” said Tim, one of my best friends. Tim and I came to Shanghai two months ago and obviously found that the foods price are rising. For many people in China, including me, think it’s not reasonable. “The key question is the soaring food prices with salary standing still” meaning salaries are getting lower and lower, while the foods are more expensive than ever before. These kinds of voices are came from workers whose salary are lower than 1200RMB per month, a basic living cost for migrate workers living in Shanghai.

There are still many, who are rich people or we say they are middle classes cared about food prices but never in fear of buying consumer goods.

So people sometimes angry about the food prices, they are complaining and all they have to do is complaining because things are out of the control. The world rice prices are getting high and Thailand even raised the export prices Yunnan province in China according to Kunming local news. The farmland are decreased by continues building built, farmers even abandon their land to the cities in seek of a better future. All these lead to a bad effects, and China is facing a big challenge.

The government knows the consequences but local authorities pay no attention to the policy.

Nevertheless, people are aware of the rising food prices, and the acceptable rising food prices will pull lots of farmers back to their lands.