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A big city with no seats at all

A strong dreary feeling had chocked my throat since I came to Shanghai, where I saw lots of things were different from lovely Yunnan and other provinces I had been. It was not because I am an intolerance man but because I am endurable person who pondering of something, something so pure which so-called Shanghainess are able to do but disdain to do.

Everybody knows that Kunming is a middle-sized city in China, and comparing with Shanghai, it is a small city. People there are enjoying a good transportation morality, especially in the case of people take buses. A self-conscience was born with the social environment and it makes people to give his seats to olds women and children.

In Shanghai, the seats-give rates are typically low with my eyes. I remember there was once a time, I took the Line 1 subway and need an interchange at Shanghai Indoor Stadium. Of course I had no seat; the people who took subway bagged all seats early from Xinzhuang where the Line 1 started. A woman with her child came in the carriage and stand alone with no where to hold. No one give seats. I was worried, and finally I nerved myself to call out someone to give up his seat for this woman?” With no one respond, I called again. This time a man raised his head and looked round and then stood up. Then coming the Shanghai Indoor Stadium, I got out.

Shanghai is a city with rush hours and crowds. People are so busy with work and doubled their pace on their way home or company. It is a spiritual city but lack of social morality---obviously in public.