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A Letter To CNN

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A Letter To CNN
By Nrty Nrty

2008年04月24日 于 04:07
In Situation Room aired on April 9th, CNN commentator Jack Cafferty insulted the Chinese people with his racist comments by saying, "I think they (Chinese) are basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they’ve been for the last 50 years." As a Chinese, I was stunned and shocked!

The Chinese people well understands the US's upheld freedom of speech and fully respects Jack Cafferty's personal political opinion. However, what he said has completely crossed the line, considering Mr. Cafferty's identity as a public figure and professional journalist. No Chinese person with dignity can ever stand such an insult targeting the Chinese people.

Later in a brief statement on April, 15, CNN claimed that by "goons and thugs", Jack Cafferty meant for the Chinese government. This "apology" is a deliberate omission without sincerity. It is, again,unacceptable.

First of all, in his speech, Mr. Cafferty repeatedly mentioned the word "China" and "Chinese" with no reference to the Chinese government. Secondly, he used the plural form as "goons and thugs", which clearly demonstrated that, by "they", he meant for the whole Chinese people. Last but not least, this statement zeroed in on the Chinese government and its farfetched sophism is actually another attack on the Chinese people. How is it possible not to hurt the people's feelings while insulting their government?

Therefore, I am writing to condemn and protest against CNN and Jack Cafferty!

It has been only 20 some years since China’s reform and its opening-up started. We understand that people from other countries still have questions and misunderstandings toward this faraway Orient. However, this by no means indicates that some people may launch defamation on China and a blatant racial attack on its people irresponsibly. No man with rational consciousness would be selectively cherry picking the facts even though he may not know much about China.

Take the United States for example. For years, the Chinese immigrants have been a law-respecting and friendly group in American society. Cafferty should know that. President Bush rewarded the Chinese flight attendant Deng Yuewei's family after "9.11", for Deng’s brave performance during the hijack, calling her "the American Hero". The Chinese student Zeng Zhe (Zack Zeng) lost his life after saving several people at the World Trade Center on 9. 11. He was remembered on the National EMS Memorial Service, the second person in American history to receive the honor. Mr. Cafferty should probably also know that during the Virginia Tech massacre last year, a female Chinese teacher stopped the criminal from rushing in by keeping the door closed and saved all her students.

Since when has the kindhearted, devoted and peace-loving Chinese become "goons and thugs" as Jack Cafferty described?!

I believe that Jack Cafferty, as a professional political commentator, is not ignorant. Neither does he suffer from amnesia. The only reason that he openly insulted the Chinese people is his racial discrimination against the Chinese as a race! What he said has shamelessly harmed the Chinese people, especially the Chinese-Americans. It has caused the grave consequences; and it has seriously damaged the friendship between the Chinese people and the American people.

For years, CNN has been claiming that it has an establishment of “a sound reputation and public trust” around the world. However, Jack Cafferty has absolutely humiliated CNN and the whole US media by his racist attack on the Chinese people! How can a racist be qualified to criticize others as "goons and thugs"?

We demand that CNN and Jack Cafferty put their arrogance and prejudice aside, and make an open and formal apology to all Chinese people worldwide.

The Chinese communities around the world will, either collectively or individually, bring lawsuits against CNN and Jack Cafferty for libel, and will press for compensation, if a sincere and prompt apology is overdue.

Your reply to this letter is expected.

Sincerely, Nrty Nrty