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Céline Dion and her impact in China

Céline held her concert in Shanghai on April 14th at Shanghai Indoor Stadium. One of my friends sent her phone-shot photo to me via the internet. “Her live concert tickets are so expensive and we finally got the cheap tickets by a packman after half an hour of her singing”.

People knew her song My heart will go on very much and most of them couldn’t tell who singing this song. Singers are changeable in China and youths are pretty much influenced by Japan and South Korea. The Céline Dion’s impact in China depend on people born in 1970s and early 1980s because the English language are deeply rooted in the generation’s minds and more importantly, they like pop-singing songs but not the taste of 1990s.

Of course you can’t compare super star with Chinese top singers—I mean, she speaks English and French, not Chinese. But she gives the power to many people in China who want to learn singing English songs. On CCTV(the No.1 TV station in China)’s high rated program National Singing Award Competion, the favorite English song is To love you more, sang by many nationwide selected seeds.

To be frank with you, I am a Céline fan and heard her song in 1998. Her first singing voice came to my mind was It’s all coming back to me now.